Saints and Angels

It's been raining a lot so when cabin fever hit I decided it was time to get all the pictures back up our bedroom wall (Joe painted the bedroom last July). I had acquired some new pictures so there was some re-arranging to do. I think it turned out well. It's nice to all the stuff I've been collecting over the years that still mean something to me.

funwall_t stanthony_t
This wall has it all - aliens, japanese art, visionary art, Latvian textiles, a little mirror, a clipping from a New Yorker magazine circa 1979 and a crude little sculpture of St. Anthony. I have rejected most of my Catholic School upbringing except for praying to St Anthony when I have lost something. It seems to work most of the time. The exception is a DVD of Swades, the Bollywood movie that was filmed at my workplace. Did I lend it to any of you?

Coincidentally, Lenore sent me a photo of a painting of St Anthony circa 1485.

New Latvian wood carving from Santa.

Another Latvian wood carving and decoupage from the 70's. A Hong Kong movie poster, a fish print from Tracy and a paper cutout from Tree.

Last night I attended Dana's concert at the Smithsonian. A work-in-progress of his new piece Island , based on the stories of Angel Island, was performed My friend Sara did the video using really cool technology that she has access to in her work at MIT. When the full piece is shown in the fall the video projection will be from above. Here are some fuzzy pictures I took during tech and the actual performance. (The red lights were not part of the new piece).

island_red1_t island_red2_t