iphone art

I heard an item on NPR about a new exhibit of art works created on the iphone by one of my favorite artists David Hockney and was inspired. I downloaded a free version of one of the many image creation/processing apps and have been going to town. It's been fun.

First one that looked halfway decent


I did this at the Charleston airport

Statue in my parents back yard






I call this Yellow Feet

Yellow Feet as seen on Dad's messed up laptop display


Last one in 2010

Luck of the Irish/German

I received an early Christmas gift today. Joe won an iPhone in a contest and he gave it to me!!! The contest was in one of the local newspapers that are handed out at at the Metro station. Joe gets this particular newspaper because of the Suduko and when he picked it up one day last week he noticed a little announcement about a free-iPhone-a day-for-a-week contest. He entered and was very surprised that he won it on the first day. He has to pay tax on it but other than that it is free.

I am truly excited. I played with it all last night and most of today. I did put it away during my yoga class (after showing it to the instructor who was also excited to play with it). I connected it to the wireless network at Schlotsky's while we were eating sandwiches and checked my email. I have added music, quicktime movies and photos, set different ringtones for everybody in my "Favorites" phone list, synced addresses, looked at the McDonald Family and Dana's homepage, and checked out some youtube videos. Life as we know it has changed.


More Beer reviews
Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA is in a tie with the Blanche de Chambly. It has a wonderfully refreshing hoppy taste that I really like. IPA stands for India Pale Ale and when Lynda asked if the beer was from India I went straight to wikipedia. There I found out that the Brits needed to better preserve the beer they were sending to India for civilians and military in the 1700s and they discovered that increasing the alcohol and hop content reduced spoilage. There you have it.



We were near an Apple store today so we popped in to look at the iPhone. It is pretty impressive and once you figured out some basics it is very intuitive. The sales guys were there to answer questions but were not pushy. I imagine the thing just sells itself. I may buy one one day.

I have had several dreams lately of going around and locking doors and windows. One dream took place in an old house we used to live in, the other in a house I was not familiar with. There was no real anxiety associated with the dreams and I have not quite figured it out what they mean.

Here are two little videos I took recently. One is the fife and drum group at the July 4th parade we ran into on our bike ride. The other is a parade of one blue dog who works Connecticut Ave. in front of the local pet store. It's always a treat to see him/her while we eat sandwiches across the street at Schkotszky's.