Detention of a god!

I am somewhat horrified that the most popular actor in the world - my friend ShahRukh Khan - was detained at the Newark airport for almost 2 hours.


My Visit with the Queen

The Queen of England visited Goddard Space Flight Center today. There was a welcoming ceremony for which 200 people were picked by lottery to attend. My friend Saima and my jazzercize teacher Nadine got in. I was not so lucky. I only got to see her from about a block away as she walked from building 3 where she talked to the astronauts on the Space Station to Building 8 where the ceremony took place.

queencrowd_t yellowhat_t

The queen walked from the right side of the picture (above left) to a building off camera on the left. Luckily she was wearing bright yellow/green otherwise I may not have known which one was her. Note the Secret Service guy on the roof in the movie below.

[will add movie later]

Seeing the Queen at work was not nearly as cool as seeing and talking to Shah Rukh Khan at work but it's all good.

Joe's visit with the Prime Minister

Last week it was the Queen, This week Tony Blair was in town. Joe was riding home on his bike along Rock Creek Park and noticed that no cars were coming from either direction. A minute later a huge motorcade (many motorcycles, SUVs, limos) came by with both the American flag and British flag represented.

So here are some video chat photos from recent sessions. I look forward to the day the technology is such that we can get the whole family online at once. Now that would be a picture!

Mother's day flowers at Edisto.

T looks like he is in the Witness Protection Program.

Little T's first chat session. He'll be stealing T's phone and texting next week.
Sandy and Little T celebrating Mother's day

Graeme with alien hands
Just kidding, the hands were Alisa's.