Bitter lessons

So my feet have made it into Paula's Blog in her Picture of the Week with the caption "It's almost warm enough to wear Crocs again. Is Laura as excited as I am?" . Well I've been wearing my crocs since Paula gave them to me as a birthday gift in July. I love to wear them when I cook.


And speaking of Pictures of the Week. Joe sent me a link to a series of PhotoShop tutorials called You Suck At PhotoShop. You learn while you laugh. The guy's lessons are usually motivated by some humiliation he is experiencing as he goes through a nasty divorce For this week's Picture of the Week (Austin's new ride) I consulted his tutorial (#4) where he places his wedding ring in a barren desert and puts the final picture up on eBay.

Click to see the original.


And Joe imbedded a picture of me in a fun Japanese style lunch.