Icelandic pop singer dreams

So Bjork is going to be in Riga two days after we leave which is too bad. It would have been great to see her there. I had a dream about her a number of months ago and then I dreamt about her two nights ago. It was a similar dream where I talked to her about music and art only this time my family was there - we were traveling - and I asked Lyla to take a picture of us. As Lyla was taking the picture I told Bjork about my previous dream about her and made sure her hair was not in her face. I woke up as Lyla was taking the picture.

We've had some intense weather over the last couple weeks. The bad part is that my after-work lap swimming has not been as consistent as I would like but the good part is that we've seen some beautiful black cloud activity, thick mist ion the trees and some rainbows.


Comical characters

This week I dreamt about Sacha Baron Cohen of "Borat" fame , Bjork and Jack White of the White Stripes. Jack White might have been my brother in the dream. In the Bjork dream I talked to her for about an hour and had a picture taken with but her hair was in her face so I had no proof. I don't remember whether Sacha was his "Borat" character or his "Talladega Nights" character. I expect the latter since we saw that movie last weekend (Thanks for the DVD, Tommy!)

Five or so years ago Joe and I were in a comic book store and saw a T-shirt with a quirky Goth-y little girl character on it and big letters that spelled "LENORE". We asked and were told it was a comic book. We were going to buy it for Lenore but since the store did not have a copy we were afraid it might represent something that we couldn't get behind. We eventually found a copy of Lenore and it turns out to be the adventures of a cute dead girl and her quirky dead friends. I was hooked. You may recall I like cute but creepy.

So I bought the 13th issue at a comic book store last weekend. Here's a sample. Lenore and her friend Ragamuffin are about to meet a friend of a friend - note the name tag.


After picking up issue 13 and Joe's issue of Adrian Tomine's Optic Nerve we browsed around a bit and found another quirky comic called "Me Write Book, It Bigfoot Memoir". After reading a couple of pages we decided it was another have-to-have. Here is a sample. Here Bigfoot complains that "certain element of woodland society want keep Bigfoot down. They run slander campaign". Note the megaphone.



We were near an Apple store today so we popped in to look at the iPhone. It is pretty impressive and once you figured out some basics it is very intuitive. The sales guys were there to answer questions but were not pushy. I imagine the thing just sells itself. I may buy one one day.

I have had several dreams lately of going around and locking doors and windows. One dream took place in an old house we used to live in, the other in a house I was not familiar with. There was no real anxiety associated with the dreams and I have not quite figured it out what they mean.

Here are two little videos I took recently. One is the fife and drum group at the July 4th parade we ran into on our bike ride. The other is a parade of one blue dog who works Connecticut Ave. in front of the local pet store. It's always a treat to see him/her while we eat sandwiches across the street at Schkotszky's.