NY Subway Rumblings

I went on another short trip to NYC this week. I drove up with Dana and Judy, the costume designer, on Tuesday. The few times I have been to NY I have taken the train so I saw different view going into the city. I could see the Statue of Liberty and the sight of planes taking off at Newark airport right next to the highway was impressive. We stayed in spartan digs in one of the NYU dorms in West Village which are adequate. The rumble of the subway underneath disturbed my sleep a bit but I still enjoyed the image of trains speeding directly below through ancient dark moist cavern like this. After we arrived Dana and I went to a thrift store in the basement of nearby St. Luke's church and then had coffee in a cute little cafe (much nicer and cheaper than Starbucks). I bought a great purse and suede skirt at the thrift store at definite bargain basement prices.

Wednesday we were in the theater most of the day. I was mostly responsible for doing the sound and video checks with the technical staff. I was able to take some time off to walk around Washington Square and East Village. The performance went well - there was a good crowd. After getting all the props back to the dorm Connie (dancer), Sara (set designer), Yao (board member, fashion designer) and I went to a 24 hour diner on Bleecker St. When I hear "Bleecker Street" I think cool bohemian cafes a la Joni Mitchell. This place was not anything like that but it was open. I was in bed by 1:00 am.

tech rehearsal tech rehearsal
tech rehearsal shots

shu-chen shu-chen

katie and kelley katie

connie tati and danatati and dana miyakomiyako miyako and florian
dress rehearsal shots

coffee! coffee! diner diner art
At the coffee shop and the 24 hour diner