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Some more movie/DVD reviews

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy I think Will Ferrell can be funny but for the most part this was not a funny nor a well-made film. There were a couple of funny concepts but for the most part the jokes were juvenile which would have been fine if it had been marketed to juveniles. I hope this isn't the best he can do.

Morvern Callar A Scottish
movie about a woman played by decent actress Samantha Morton who claims she wrote the book written by her boyfriend wrote before he killed himself.
She is not a nice person and not really that interesting. She just takes advantage of her change in luck and does not think twice about her
dead boyfriend. It was a pretty movie but that did not make up for my complete lack of interest in what happens to her.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou I have liked all of Wes Anderson's movies and although this was messy and certainly not his best I still enjoyed it. Bill Murray is fun as a sarcastic and sour Jacques Cousteau type character with a crew of strange misfits and a bunch of interns trying to get class college credit. The dialogue and some of the situations are quite funny.

The Wire Excellent HBO series we are watching on DVD. The first season is about a group of Baltimore drug dealers and the cops who are trying to solve a series of murders that some of the dealers may have something to do with. The characters are all extremely interesting and the plot is complicated but rewards your attention. I am obsessed.