Horror on the 15th Floor

I was watering flowers on my balcony Friday evening when I sensed something buzzing towards me. At first I thought it was a bumblebee which did not scare me but then I realized it was bigger than a bumblebee could ever be. I immediately knew it was a cicada and from experience I knew he was looking for something to land on. Luckily I headed for the sliding glass door and not over the balcony rail. It sat on the window box for a while and I was brave enough to go back out and take a picture of it.

Some more movie/DVD reviews
Dead Like Me This series about a young 20 something who dies and is then given the job of escorting other people to their death is well done and well written but I just can't get past the ugliness of it. There are some moments of humor but overall it is depressing and filled with unpleasant people. I think the side plot of the grieving sister and mother is brilliant. I appreciate it but it is just not for me.

The Aviator Way too long and I just was not interested enough but Cate Blanchett is great as Katherine Hepburn and the scene where Howard Hughes crashes his plane is fantastic.

Im Juli. A charming German film about a shy school teacher who is told by a street vendor who has a crush on him that he is destined to be with a woman associated with the sun. She of course plans to be that woman but things go differently and he meets a turkish woman and follows her to Turkey. The plot is predictable but there is lots of fun along the way.

The Ladykillers The Coen Brothers remake of the 1950s Alec Guinness film. Tom Hanks, his accent and his dialogue are brilliant. And visually the movie is stunning. I could not wait for another character to die so I could see the body go off the bridge on to the garbage barge