Rickshaw ride

In Chennai Tati and I took a rickshaw ride to Pizza Hut one afternoon to get a snack. It was about two blocks away but Dana did not want us to cross the wide and unruly busy street we needed to cross to get there so we hailed a rickshaw. We eventually realized that "we should have been there by now" but the driver kept going. We eventually said something and he said said "no entry" meaning the Pizza Hut was on a one-way street. We eventually got there and he tried to charge us way too much (there are meters but they are not used). I argued with him a bit but we still gave him the money. As we were about to climb out he seemed to have grown a conscience or something and gave us half the money back. I have no idea what the price should have been or whether it really was a one way street but I felt a little better that he gave us some money back. After we split our pizza we took our chances and crossed the street. It was definitely scary even with a policeman directing traffic but it was free.

But I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. After my mother asked me last weekend what my favorite part of the trip was I realized it was just driving around Chennai looking at all the bright rickshaws, couples and families on motorcycles, women in saris on scooters, ambassador taxis, oxen, diagonal trees, buses with only men, buses with only women, people walking in the streets even in the few areas where there were sidewalks, little temples, little stands selling something with men standing all around, women of all social statuses wearing beautiful saris and decrepit apartment buildings that immediately reminded me of locations of Indian novels I have read. The road between Delhi and Agra (Taj Mahal) was also fascinating.

So here's the fuzzy youtube video. You may see Tati and me in the rear view mirrors at the beginning and a man with no legs at the end. You may hear me asking the the driver what's up in the middle:

By the way, I am no where near the first person to upload a video of a rickshaw ride in Chennai, India.