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August 14, 2005

Another Trip to Charleston
I can't seem to catch up - I'm like a week behind. Last weekend Dana, Aaron and I went down to Charleston to talk to the Spoleto people about Dana's dance company performing there. The meeting went well but these things take time so it may be a couple of years before anything happens. But the trip was a lot of fun. Dana and Aaron had never been to the South and so we tried to show them some southern hospitality. Saturday we walked around downtown (when it was not raining), visited a number of antique stores, drank gin and tonics in Lynda's back yard, ate at some nice restaurants including one that specializes in Charleston low country cooking. Sunday we visited a large old live oak tree called "angel oak" on the way to Edisto. We hung out at the beach and the dock and had Mom's infamous Frogmore stew. Monday after the Spoleto meeting we walked around a bit more and visited the Aiken-Rhett House, an antebellum house in wonderful decay (the historical society is preserving rather than restoring the house). Click the picture below for a little slide show. (Quicktime - 3.4 MB)

marsh birds

August 5, 2005

Guest Shots
Last weekend I went out with dance friends twice. Friday night it was dinner in Dana's neighborhood and then Saturday I went on a 20 mile bike ride and then out to lunch with Brooke and Marcia. It was a great day for a ride and we saw a bunny.

Josue with lamp Dana with Lamp
Josue, graphic artist/flamenco dancer Dana
Brooke Marcia and Aaron
Brooke, public relations Marcia, meeting planner and Aaron, financial wizard

Here are some guest photos:
kayak trip Barge on the Ashley River
Lenore and Paula kayaked down this lovely river Lynda took this shot from a party on a soon-to-be-destroyed bridge
Crocodile Art
Joe gets to see this 5 year old's art work on his way to work each day. I love the subject matter - flowers, balloons and crocodiles!
Some more movie/DVD reviews
The Cooler
Joe liked this movie more than I did. It is about a loser who works for a dying Las Vegas casino as a "cooler", a person who just by his presence brings bad luck to the players at the casino tables. The characters were not really likeable and I felt like I should be rooting for someone but wasn't.

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