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January 29, 2004 Free At Last
January 25, 2004 New Toys
January 22, 2004 Trailers and Kings!
January 15, 2004 Half a Box of Kleenex Later
January 10, 2004 Greyhounds!
January 6, 2004 Work, Work, Work
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January 29, 2004

Free At Last
Grand Jury Duty is finally over. Woohoo! I will miss being able to take the Metro to work and the 9:15-5:00 work hours but that's about it. I know that it could have been worse. It was a decent group of people and we heard horror stories of bickering and rudeness from jurors who had served on previous grand juries but I have to say the cases overall were not all that interesting.

It snowed this week. Here is the view from the front door of my building.

Snow Day

Some more movie/DVD reviews
The Tick
This started way back in 1994 as a Saturday morning cartoon. Joe and I happened upon it when it unexpectedly replaced Beakman's World. It was quirky, silly, funny and made the end of Beakman's World less painful. The Tick was a large blue insect-like superhero who was strong and brave but not all there "upstairs". He hung out with other superheroes, each with his/her own flaw.


Well, in 2001 The Tick became a TV show with real actors. It was as quirky, silly and funny but a bit more "adult". And since I loved it it was cancelled after about 4 episodes. Well the whole season came out on DVD and I have already seen several episodes multiple times and some of the more memorable lines have crept into my speech patterns. Crazy talk, crazy talk, let's change the subject.

January 25, 2004

New Toys
Joe bought a new set of toys called Halfsies, A Roman Dirge Thingy. Roman Dirge writes my favorite comic book called Lenore about a cute little dead girl. The toys are cute little plastic animals that can be seperated at the waist. All sorts of gruesome fun can be had.
Halfsies Halfsies Mixed Up
Out of the box After some gruesome fun
Halfsies in Bowls Halfsies In Bowls
I recently sort of bought (long story) some small beautiful Peruvian bowls at a silent auction benefiting orphans. I added these bowls to the mix
Halfsies In Shredder
And finally, the toys in the previous pictures are posed in front of another new toy, our new shredder. Here they are in the shredder. If you zoom in on the picture you might be able to steal our identity.

Some more movie reviews
Minus Man Pretty good movie about a serial killer. Owen Wilson plays the killer who is evil, charming and thoughtful. The movie is more about the characters than about suspense.

The Company This had more of a documentary feel than a Robert Altman movie feel. There was some beautiful dance footage but I did not feel the story was all that interesting. Maybe I was expecting something more like the The Turning Point.

One more thing: Congratulations to Lynda for getting DSL and the wireless network up and running at Mom and Dad's place. Good Job. 2 more family households to go and we'll be free of dialup speeds.

January 22, 2004

Trailers and Kings
I had Monday off from work and jury duty so I worked a bit on the Christmas Contest video. I got distracted and made another trailer using newly learned skills to play back clips in slo-mo and backwards. Take a look.

This past weekend we went to see the final Lord of the Rings movie. It was good but I must say that Aragorn was much better looking on the battlefield with face smudged and mussed-up tussled hair. Once he got all cleaned up to be crowned King of Gondor he lost a fair amount of sex appeal.

January 15, 2004

Half a box of Kleenex later
My cold is better, thank you. Monday I took a sick day off from grand jury duty and finished a little trailer for the full length Christmas Contest video. Here it is if you are interested.

I am happy to say that Arrested Development, the TV show that I like so much (usually the kiss of death), is doing well in the ratings. I have gotten most of my family to watch it and maybe that tipped the scales.

This is one of two little Tim Burton action figures that are now on my desk at work. She is called "Staring Girl". Some swear I look just like her.

Staring Girl

Some more movie reviews
Big Shot's Funeral An American movie director filming in China requests a big Chinese funeral before suffering a heart attack. His cameraman tries to fullfil his wish but must offer advertising in order to pay for it. It is fun. Donald Sutherland plays the director. The rest of the cast is Chinese.

Heavenly Creatures Based on a true story of two young girls who comitted a murder in New Zealand in the 1950s. A very young Kate Winslet (Titanic) plays one of the girls. Peter Jackson, who directed Lord of the Rings, directed this film. It was very well done. The acting was excellent.

Shanghai Knights This was fun, not as good as Shanghai Noon but still better than I thought it would be. jackie Chan's fight scenes were great, not all obscured with choppy editing.

Full Frontal It was a bit all over the place but it held my interest and had its moments. I did not think too much about it after it was over though.

January 10, 2004

I woke up this morning feeling like I had a cold. I decided not to got to ballet and to just stay home and clean. It is below 20 degrees outside anyway. I have done no cleaning since before Christmas and there are piles of things associated with the Christmas contest, jewelry making, christmas wrapping and sewing a ballet skirt. I managed to unpack pretty quickly upon my return otherwise the suitcase and lingering contents would still be on my bedroom floor.

Last night I went to an little party for my newly engaged friend Brooke over at Dana's house. It was very nice. Dana and Aaron have 2 greyhounds. I am not fond of dogs but these two are elegant and sweet and don't smell bad. Here are some pics.

Here is a picture of my father's mother, Marcella. Many swear I look just like her. In any case I love this picture. There are many other pictures of her at the family website.

Marcella with Parasol

That's it for now. I have lots of movie reviews to post but that will have to wait.

January 6, 2004

Work, Work, Work
The Christmas Contest web page is done and it took forever. Next is the video which will take twice forever. Grand Jury duty continues to be a pain. From time to time it is interesting but mostly it is not where I want to be. 23 people from all walks of life sitting in a crowded room trying to be pleasant to each other. We do a good job of it most of the time.

Some more movie reviews
Road To Perdition Beautiful movie with a compelling story. Jude Law is excellent as the creepy villian. We watched this over Christmas because much of it was filmed in East & West Dundee, which is where Paula, Lenore's girlfriend, lives and where the Tour de Lights bike ride took placed.

Ice Cream Report
Chocolate (****) light and creamy! Great with a couple of chocolate chips.

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