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February 20, 2005

I shot my first footage for the documentary I hope to do of my trip to Latvia. As you may know, Dana, friend and dance teacher, is performing there the 3rd week of March. He came by today and I filmed him for about 20 minutes while asking him questions about the trip. I turned off the camera and it was then that we started talking about interesting stuff. At that point it was too late to turn the camera back on. I learned my lesson. I am just leaving the camera on the whole trip and I ordered a tripod so my arm doesn't get too tired. Here's a little snippet of the footage. (Quicktime 2.1MB)

Today we bought a bottle of catsup with a quote from William Shatner on the label. We couldn't resist.

Gratuitous neighborhood picture:

dragon fly
Some more movie/DVD reviews
I am glad that this was good. It had lots of little morals about women's rights, the wrongness of the caste system, the brain drain that occurs when young people leave the villages for big cities, or even worse, America. But it also had a nice little love story and was well done. There was very little singing and dancing but there was plenty of nice music and some nice characters. And it was a thrill to see the scenes where I was standing just off screen.

February 14, 2005

Bollywood Surprise
So the Bollywood movie Swades that was filmed where I work was released in a couple of US theaters in December and is now on DVD. I ordered it but I haven't had time to watch it. But I did look at the extras to see if the photo gallery had any pictures from work. There were a couple. Then I watched the closing credits of the film to see how Goddard was mentioned and was surprised to see my name along with all the other volunteers. Yes, my name is in the closing credits of a Bollywood film! Who knows what's next. Maybe backup dancer? Assistant choreographer? Shah Rukh's assistant?

Neighborhood pictures:
pink morning sky pink sunrise
Sunrise was really pretty this morning - fog in the trees, pink sky.
snowy connecticut avenue singing frogs
Snow scenes from a couple of weeks ago

Some more movie/DVD reviews
Sherman's March Another study in documentaries. The director/"guy with the camera" started off making a film about Sherman's march across the South but it quickly turned into a search for a new girlfriend. It was a bit rambling but so was Sherman's march. I don't think I got too many ideas from it except I do like the idea of the original subject evolving into something else not entirely unrelated. It mostly made me nostalgic for hot southern summer nights and screened in porches although as soon as they mentioned cockroaches I realized that hot Washington, DC summer nights on my balcony are nice too.

I had also forgotten how big sunglasses were in the 1980s.

February 7, 2005

Free Decorating Advice
Take an old beat-up hat tree circa 1980 and hang some pretty and fun things from it.

Hanging ornaments more hanging things
Some more movie/DVD reviews
Unzipped I had seen this documentary about fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi as he puts together his 1994 fashion show before but wanted to see it again to prepare for my upcoming attempt to document my trip to Latvia. I got a lot of good ideas. It really is a fun movie, funny, suspenseful, catty, chockfull of celebrities. And amazingly, his mid 1990s fashions don't seem dated.

Hana & Alice A japanese film about 2 young middle school girls, one of whom likes a boy and after seeing him fall and hit his head convinces him that they are boyfriend/girlfriend. The movie is mostly about the changing lives of the two girls and their sometimes difficult friendship. It is sad at times, funny at times, and visually interesting.

February 1, 2005

Snow and Sushi: A Study
Last weekend was quite nice. I spent Saturday afternoon in a bead shop replenishing my supply. Saturday night into Sunday it snowed and Sunday morning we took about a 5 mile walk with a stop at a sushi restaurant where I drank warm sake, which I have not had for years. I worked on the video of the Christmas contest but did not get very far. It's always so overwhelming and slow-going at first.

snow worm smoking snowman
This creature was in front of a nearby school. This creature was on a bridge nearby
snow bridge Lamp in the Snow
We took these while walking in Rock Creek Park
Taft Bridge Scary Tunnel
Tono Sushi
I had sake, seaweed salad and sushi!

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