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Laura's Online Journal November 2004


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Enough about you, let's talk about me....

November 15, 2004

Furniture Update
We have filled the cabinet with stuff. We are breaking the cost down per knick-knack. The more stuff we cram in the cheaper it seems. We still need to hang pictures. We probably can't include those in the calculations though.

I had to relocate about 100 books that were in the 2 crappy book cases that the cabinet replaced. Moving books is exhausting.

cabinet filled

Have you heard the new album by William Shatner (of Star Trek fame)? It works although he couldn't have done it without the guest artists like Joe Jackson and Henry Rollins.

Some more movie/DVD reviews
The Princess and the Warrior
This is a nice German film about a nurse at a mental hospital and the man who saved her life. She pursues him but he rejects her until she is able to help him. It has quirky mental patients (as one would expect) and some interesting story connections and twists. Despite the intermittent violence it has an overall sweet and melancholy feel.

November 13, 2004

Furniture Stories
So a year or so ago Lynda and Graeme came to town and we walked out of my apartment building and two guys came running up to us and excitedly told Lynda how much she looked like Annie Lennox and asked if she was going to her concert that night. Lynda's hair was just growing out after her last Happy Cancer chemo session and she did look like Annie Lennox and this was not the first time someone had pointed out the similarity. Anyway, one of the guys looked very much like the owner of a nearby store that sells mid century (1950-60s) furniture where we had bought our coffee table and a couple of lamps.. He seemed different though and I was afraid to ask "Are you Travis?" I convinced myself it was not Travis.

Well this past week we stopped by the store and fell in love with a beautiful teak cabinet. We bought it and it was during the delivery that we found out that Travis and his friend Skip live in the building right next to ours and it WAS Skip and Travis who ran up to Lynda.

Here's what Lynda looked like then

Lynda as Annie Lennox

And here's what our teak cabinet looks like now

Aurora Green

November 9, 2004

Colors in the Sky
I seem to have rediscovered the movie option on my camera. I went over to Lyla's new place to see her new furniture and this is what I found going on there in the middle of the day. I just had to get it on film. (Quicktime 2.1MB)

Saturday night around 11:00pm Joe noticed some colors in the sky and it turned out to be the aurora borealis. It was amazing. We've seen this once before. It is amazing we can see it this far south and in the middle of the city.
Aurora Green Aurora Red

We took a long bike ride Sunday morning. The weather was great. The worst part was a set of short but deadly hills. The best part was watching one of those little cars from a distance in the field next the airport. I just got tickled watching it move in lurches and spurts and fall. It was very keystone-cop-like.

Some more movie/DVD reviews
Main Hoon Na
Shahrukh Khan plays a military man who goes back to college to secretly protect the daughter of a high ranking general. At the same time he is looking for his long lost younger half brother. This movie had more action than melodrama which is a good thing. And there were plenty of funny situations and characters. The Matrix-like action was a bit cheesy but was still fun to watch. This is the director's first film but she has been choreographing for years. She has choreographed all my favorites dance numbers including Chaiya, Chaiya where Shahrukh dances on a moving train. Needless to say the choreography in Main Hoon Na was great. I have seen a number of bad Bollywood films lately so this one was a pleasant surprise.

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