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December 28, 2003 Winners' Circle
December 22, 2003 Holiday Travel
December 16, 2003 First Snow
December 4, 2003 Thanksgiving
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December 28, 2003

Winners Circle
Lots to get through today so let's get right to it...

I am back in DC after a very nice Christmas in Chicagoland. There were many highlights and the highest was taking 2nd in the 2003 Christmas Contest. Here is my entry:

Running With Scissors Man Running With Scissors Man back
The Story:
He is a superhero and his name is Running With Scissors Man. He is in therapy dealing with issues relating to his missing body parts and does not want to talk about it at this time. He has a sidekick to help him along. Her name is Safety Girl.
victory dance
This is me doing my Dance of Victory after winners were announced.

Austin won 3rd place and Lenore and Paula won 1st. There will be a page showing all entries in the near future. (Remember, this page is about me, me, me.) And a there will be video in the not so near future.

On Christmas Eve we took the subway downtown to look at the Christmas windows at Marshall Fields department store, something we did every year when I lived in Chicago as a child. The windows aren't as magical as they were back in the 60s but it was still fun.

Subway Sun onboard smile
Typically when there are this many members of my family on a train we are in a foreign country and there's lots of luggage, gypsies and confusion involved. As you can see by the smile on my face this was not the case.
Christmas Windows Robot Christmas
The picture on the left shows me in mittens and Austin in a leather jacket looking at the windows. The picture on the right shows how Chicago decorates subway entrances and possibly a foreshadowing of an alien invasion.

More Chicago adventures later.....

December 22, 2003

Holiday Travel
I am in Chicago, or rather outside Chicago. Last night I stayed in historic East Dundee, Il with Paula and Lenore and took part in a Tour de Lights - a 5 mile bike trip around East & West Dundee looking at the Christmas lights. It was 40 degrees. Luckily Lenore and Paula are winter riders and had plenty of gear. I had many layers on and stayed fairly warm. Paula wove Christmas lights around the handle bars. This served as a safety feature and got the riders and town residents in the Christmas spirit. After the ride we ate that midwestern staple, potluck.

My entry for the Christmas Contest is done. I think it is a serious contender but you never know how the judges will feel - what with the bribes and all. Here are some truly sad early attempts:

Soooo Ugly

Meanwhile, back in DC our neighborhood is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Van Ness Lights

December 16, 2003

First Snow
Grand jury duty has taken a toll on my blog. 3 days a week for 2 months. A lot of waiting around for 3 days and then 2 days of trying to catch up at work. it is exhausting. It does not help that it is Christmas time and the Christmas contest is harder than I thought it was going to be.

We've had snow the past two weekends. It was pretty.

Snowy Neighborhood Local Art in Snow

Some more movie reviews
Undercover Brother I knew what to expect from this and it delivered. It was fun! It is based on a comic strip about a undercover agent who seems to not know it is no longer the 70s.

December 04, 2003

I returned from Charleston/Edisto on Saturday which was great, no lines, no crowds and the flight left 15 minutes early. My little vacation was nice. I managed to take a number of walks to counteract all the food I ate. I ate no turkey but I still ate plenty. My sister and I even took a 2 mile walk in the rain which was just quite refreshing. I got a bit of Christmas shopping done and built Lynda's musician boyfriend's web site. Wayne and his kids were there as was my nephew Graeme. It's been a long time since I have been around so many teens and tweens. Here are some pics:
Domokun & Woody Tooth X
Teen & Tweens & Woody
I also found out exactly how slow this page is for modem users. I will try to archive more frequently.

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