Day Trips

Cesis Castle
Construction of this Castle of the German Order began in 1209.  A tour guide
gave us a tour of the castle and the museum.  The museum was very interesting -
lots of old artifacts and clothing.

This is Cesis castle as seen from the top of the building next door which is Jauna Pils
built in 1778.  This newer castle houses the museum and was were Graeme napped
guarded by two very nice old Latvian ladies who worked in the gift shop.

Next time I would like to see more of Cesis.  It seemed like an interesting medieval town
and there's an old brewery there.  I also think I saw a huge abacus in the center of town.
I have seen nothing in the guide books about it  so I may have imagined it .

Our next stop was lunch at a little cafeteria that our driver recommended in Sigulda
I had my doubts since it looked a bit like a tourist trap but after my lunch of  potato
pancakes and apple-beet salad and a couple sips of the local beer I was quite happy.

Sigulda Castle
This castle was completed in 1226 and was also a Castle of the Order  (I think the Order
was an organization of German Knights)

Lynda, Lyla and Tracy doing the ruins

                                                                                   photo by Tracy Leigh

View of the Turaida Castle from the Sigulda Castle.
Be patient.  We're headed that way.

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