photo by Tracy Leigh
Gutmanala (Gutmanis's Cave)
18.8 meters deep, 12 meters wide made of sandstone.
Oh and there's a legend - something about a girl, a rose, a
gardener lover, a Polish thug and a murder that really was a suicide.

And now on to Turaida Castle,  Here's how we got around

Our driver's name was Dzintars (amber) although I never knew if that was
his first or last name.  He was quiet and never looked anyone in the eyes.  But if
I had to drive around with 8-10 strange people singing Beatles' songs and incessantly
playing "rock, paper, scissors" (loudly I might add) I would probably lose the ability to
make eye contact too.

Turaida Castle
The most important historical event that took place here involved the purchase of a lovely
linen knit blouse.  Some of us climbed to the top of the tower and looked
out over the Guaja River.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  photo by Tracy Leigh
While some were climbing stairs in the tower others were walking the grounds of the castle
looking at  sculptures by Latvian artists

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