The Freedom Monument
The Soviets tried to destroy the monument but did not  succeed due
to large protests.  The Soviets were able to prevent  flowers from
being placed at  the base.   As you can see from these two pictures this
is no longer  the case.  For Latvians this is a very important monument.

Flowers being placed at the base of the monument

Views from St. Peters
Daugava River, Dome Cathedral

The Powder Tower, part of the original wall built in the Middle Ages, is on the right.
There was a great  shop across the street - Tshirts, mittens, stained glass.

The tall building is the Hotel Latvia where we stayed on our  trip in 1987.

A 17th century warehouse
You can see the pulley.

This is where our  walking tour of Riga was interrupted by a group of venders
who insisted we buy their wares.  We did a little bargaining and a lot of buying.
 I bought an amber  fish pin, several amber bracelets which I plan to cannibalize
and use in my own jewelry "creations",  an amber egg for  Zita and a small pen
and ink drawing of  Riga.

Donkey's Tail
This structure is part of an ancient  (13th century?) building.  The man seated
on the right is playing a saw.

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