New York City, May 20-22, 2005

Dana and his company performed at the Asia Society in New York. Several of the Board members decided to tag along. We had a great time. My friend Teresa drove in from Long Island and Ben and Dennis drove in from Secaucus, NJ. Marcia, Brooke and I took the train up together on Friday. We returned Sunday.

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Larger images by Brooke Sabin (Thanks Brooke!)

Habitat Hotel Our room, the prison cell
The Asia Society and the hotel are on the Upper East Side. (I learned the neighborhoods and street layout well enough to grab control as tour guide and got us lost on several occasions) Brooke, Marcia and I walked the 20+ blocks from the train station to the hotel during rush hour. After that we did not venture too far from the neighborhood although we did continue to walk a lot.

Our hotel rooms could be considered a suite but they were more like two prison cells with a common entrance. The shower with its constantly changing water temperature and detachable hot water control knob was a scary adventure on par with the shower scene in Psycho. But I am not complaining. It was relatively cheap, very convenient and it was nice to all be near each other so we could chat into the wee hours of the night.
Want to see a little movie of our rooms? (Quicktime, 3.5MB)

Terraces Ornate building
Expensive Store
These are views from the window of our cell. Very interesting buildings.
Palace Diner cab
Palace Diner
Scenes near our hotel: the Palace diner where we had breakfast both mornings and Dana's brother Ian and his mother getting into a cab. I was in charge of making sure they got to the theatre on time so I documented the event. We took cabs on several occasions - something I never do in DC. The third picture was just another set of interesting buildings near the hotel.

Strange activity in a storefront on our route to the Asia Society (below).

Mannequin strip down

Asia Society banner Dana working on the ticket list
The Asia Society is a lovely place. The theater is small but comfortable and there is a great gift shop and cafe. The people there were all great except the box office guy who was a qualified jerk and unfortunately we had to deal with him. But all the soothing colors and sounds made his bad energy disappear. Below are pictures from our colorful tea time at the cafe.
Asia Cafe
tea at the asia society Brooke with juice and coffee
opia fun

opia fun
opia fun
We had a nice dinner at the Payard French Bistro. The maitre'd with the sleazy French charm was a nice touch.

opia fun Miyako and Forrest
Group shot Ian, Anna and Josue
After the performance we hung at the bar attached to our hotel called Opia. It had style, $12 drinks and a waiter with multiple accents

Group shot Grand Central Station
Sunday morning before we left we walked to Grand Central Station. What a gorgeous building!

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