Meet Tracy and Lyla's new cat, Precious

Meet Graeme and Lynda's new cat
This is Willow

Graeme and Lynda's new pet, Spikey
Graeme may never go out into his back yard again

Edvard's all grown up

Meet Sandy & Tommy's new dog, Honey

Gail's birds
OK, these are not quite family pets but Gail is considered family and you have to admit her birds doing their little parade up the ladder is too cute.

Lyla and Tracy's cats
Chinacat Sunflower or just, Sunny
We'll always remember her
Kakis (the second k is actually an unpronounceable
Latvian letter sounding a bit like "ch")

William and Austin's Bassett Hound puppy, Edvard

Lenore's cat, Xena, striking her favorite pose and showing us her favorite meal

Meet Zita's new kittens, Methodius and Cyril

Baikal is not so sure about the kittens

And last but not least, Afrodog and the Superdawgs