The Cat's House
This house was built by a merchant  in the early 1900s.  The merchant was not allowed to join
a merchants' guild so he put the cat up with the tail in the direction of the guild's building.
I think the second cat was added since we were last there.

Three sisters in front of Three Brothers
These are three medieval residences built in  the 15th, 16th & 17th centuries.

Detail of one of the Three Brothers
There are so many beautiful old buildings that have survived.
As tourists from a country where landmarks are relatively
new  we found that if  it  wasn't built before 1700 we
weren't interested.

Church of the Suffering Virgin
We had many names for this church.  I liked Church of  the Hysterical Virgin.
This is where Mom and Zita were baptized.

Norm, Sandra, Aina and Dad at Lido's
This is one the great cafeteria style Latvian restaurants opening up all
over  town.  I had potato pancakes, sausages and the house beer.

For  those who don't know, Aina is a childhood friend of  Mom's and Sandra is
her daughter.  Aina is a schoolteacher and Sandra is a judge.  Sandra was very
instrumental in the reclaiming of Opapu's land ("Snickersville").

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