photo by Tracy Leigh
This is one of  several stages set up in the squares of Old Riga. Big screens were
set up next to the stage for us short people.

Riga competes
Supposedly a Chinese game where giant chopsticks are used
to pick up potatoes and put them in a bucket
Lynda and Graeme compete in a painful German game where two people 
try to pull a leather band out of each other's hand

Graeme and Lynda make up next to the Ridzene flowers
after hurting each other in that German game .

Flowers were placed along the path of an old river,  Ridzenes Upe.
Bouquets were arranged in structures made of  tree limbs.  This
was probably my favorite celebration concept.

This is the Riga Sparkles area.  Participants received a free glass of champagne but they had
to go to the top of the bridge and make a toast.  I liked this idea too.

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