Ingrid & Tom's Fiftieth Anniversary Night Before Barbeque Party, August 26, 2005

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Buddy Gibert and Tom
Buddy Gilbert, Dad's best man
Nick and Tree Looking at old photose
Nick and TreeMom shows Liga and Regina old photos
Cheryl looks on Gard, Lyla and Ilze
Cheryl and Bruce joins the photo viewing Gard, Lyla and Ilze
Red Heads
The redheads
Gail and Chris Barbeque from Valdosta
Chris and Gail arrived just in time to eat Barbeque from Valdosta
Lenore and T
Lenore and T
William in a hat Ilga's hats
Liga's hats
Tracy from Above

The kids try on Graeme's old life jacket
Graeme and the lifejacketr Brian and the lifejacket
Laura and the lifejacket Liv and the lifejacket
Lenore and the lifejacket

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