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September 25, 2005

Paint fumes
We have been painting some walls in our apartment in preparation for shelving units that will be installed next week. The painting is a lot of work but we are excited and nervous about the new shelves. The units have aluminum colored supports with glass shelves and white drawers. We hope they can fit in with the teak and other wood stuff we have. We'll know on Wednesday.

So we took a break yesterday and went and had sandwiches at Schlotsky's down the street. We got a window seat which was good because we were entertained by a guy (I assume) in a dog costume trying to draw customers to a pet store nearby. Here's what went down.

On the way back I entertained Joe by sneaking through a gap in a fence and climbing on this cute little construction thingy that is being used to renovate our front plaza, a project that may be finished by the time man travels to mars.
machinery laura in backhoe

September 18, 2005

Sneak Peek
The 2005 Christmas Contest announcement is being sent out this week. The supplies still need to be sent out to participants in Chicagoland but everyone else can start procrastinating right away. Here's a sneak peek

This year's contest
Some more movie/DVD reviews
In America
A sweet and sad movie about an Irish family moving to New York City to start a new life after the death of a child. The father is a struggling actor who feels more and more inadequate as a provider and husband. Both he and his wife are dealing with guilt and blame. The two little girls fare better although the older girl (age 10) is dealing with guilt too. The youngest girl says what she thinks and it is usually what everyone else is thinking. The two girls meet and befriend an angry african artist neighbor who becomes an important part of the family's lives. The story and characters are interesting and the tone is just on the good side of sentimental.

September 16, 2005

The New Fall TV Season
I am looking forward to the new season of "Lost" and "Arrested Development". Nothing that's new this fall looks real impressive to me but then I wasn't hooked on "Lost" the first time I watched it. "Arrested Development" though, I was hooked watching the pre-season commercials.

Here's an update on the Party Party Weekend.

Some more movie/DVD reviews
Samurai Fiction
We aren't sure which one of us put this on the movie list but one of us is a genius. Samurai Fiction looks like an old Kurosawa samurai warrior movie filmed in stark crisp black and white but little modernisms like the great electric guitar music and the mention of the three stooges creep in. And there are ninjas too! The story is about a man that stole a sword, a man who wants to kill the man who stole the sword and another man who tries to stop him. It is a beautiful, fun Japanese movie. One of the main characters did the music for the film and also appears on the Kill Bill movie soundtrack. bb

September 5, 2005

Labor Day Weekend
I have managed to chalk up about 30 miles on my bike the last two days. Today we are going to the movies.

Usually I spend August being depressed about summer ending but this year August was my summer. I went to Charleston and Edisto twice and also visited Tommy and Sandy in Savannah.

savannah dock savannah dock

Graeme came up for Camp DC and had a lot of fun I think

Instead of flying I drove to South Carolina. I really enjoy the back roads between I-95 and Edisto, about an hours drive. The landscape is just so different than up here. I saw some strange things - a man standing on the side of a road called Toogoodoo Road in the middle of nowhere with no one around singing or preaching into a microphone. I also saw this house on Roundo Road that must have been magnificent but was now in serious decay with a serious trash problem on the front porch.
Round O House Round O House Closeup
My parents' anniversary party was a blast. The aquarium was a beautiful setting for a party. See the pictures here (I will update the page over the next week).

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