Spring 2009

It's that time of infrequent but welcome warm days preceded and followed by rainy, cold, windy ones made tolerant only by bright colorful early spring flowers. We took a nice walk around the neighborhood recently starting at our buildings loading dock where we saw some soggy old discarded pictures on the ground.

loadingdockboy_t loadingdocklady_t
loadingdocksuperman_t loadingdock_pipes_tt

We headed over to the embassy area whre the cherry blossoms and daffodils were in bloom.

embassy_pinks_yellows_t cherryblossoms2009_t

embassy_blues_t treetop_cathedral_t

The National Cathedral can be see through the treetops in this last picture.

Movie reviews

Stranger Than Fiction:
A story of a man who starts hearing a voice narrating his life and realizes that he is a character in a book and that he is going to die in the end. It was nice to see Will Farrell in something a little more thoughtful that his usual comedies. He was delightfully subtle and the movie was a nice combination of quirky and surreal.

Rachel Getting Married: Wow! I found this movie about dysfunction during a family wedding very powerful and moving. The directing was a little self indulgent but I liked all the activity/cameos/camera angles and the story and the performances of the main characters were amazing. The father is played by Bill Irwin who was a performance artist/clown/mime in the 90's. He did a great job in the movie but it was fun to see small glimpses of his past career in some of his body language. I have to say Anne Hathaway did an surprisingly good job as a recovering alcoholic.