Comical characters

This week I dreamt about Sacha Baron Cohen of "Borat" fame , Bjork and Jack White of the White Stripes. Jack White might have been my brother in the dream. In the Bjork dream I talked to her for about an hour and had a picture taken with but her hair was in her face so I had no proof. I don't remember whether Sacha was his "Borat" character or his "Talladega Nights" character. I expect the latter since we saw that movie last weekend (Thanks for the DVD, Tommy!)

Five or so years ago Joe and I were in a comic book store and saw a T-shirt with a quirky Goth-y little girl character on it and big letters that spelled "LENORE". We asked and were told it was a comic book. We were going to buy it for Lenore but since the store did not have a copy we were afraid it might represent something that we couldn't get behind. We eventually found a copy of Lenore and it turns out to be the adventures of a cute dead girl and her quirky dead friends. I was hooked. You may recall I like cute but creepy.

So I bought the 13th issue at a comic book store last weekend. Here's a sample. Lenore and her friend Ragamuffin are about to meet a friend of a friend - note the name tag.


After picking up issue 13 and Joe's issue of Adrian Tomine's Optic Nerve we browsed around a bit and found another quirky comic called "Me Write Book, It Bigfoot Memoir". After reading a couple of pages we decided it was another have-to-have. Here is a sample. Here Bigfoot complains that "certain element of woodland society want keep Bigfoot down. They run slander campaign". Note the megaphone.