Past Hauntings

So Lyla and Tracy's wedding went splendidly. Lots of hard work paid off. I will have pictures up soon. Austin went to Augusta GA for his 25th reunion and he took some pictures of my past (thanks, Austin!):

montclair sign
This is the entrance to the Montclair subdivision we lived in when we moved to Augusta in 1965. Across the street is a gas station where I got my hand caught in a big mouse trap when I reached into a box on a high shelf to get a candy bar. Lenore went to kindergarten at the church you see in the distance.
dairy queen
This was was our American Graffiti-like hangout. There was a pine tree strewn shopping mall parking lot across the street. We called it The Pines. Cars were always coming and going. I don't remember drinking there but I do remember driving by a lot just to see who was there.
tip top This is Squeaky's Tip Top - cheap beer, pool tables, a great place to hang on Friday nights and before Father Fitzpatrick's 1:00 history class.
This is the YWCA where I took synchronized swimming, gymnastics and taught ballet, modern and tap. I can almost smell the chlorine and hear the muted underwater speaker sounds of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Kraftwerk that Teresa and I used for our synchro swim masterpieces