Icelandic pop singer dreams

So Bjork is going to be in Riga two days after we leave which is too bad. It would have been great to see her there. I had a dream about her a number of months ago and then I dreamt about her two nights ago. It was a similar dream where I talked to her about music and art only this time my family was there - we were traveling - and I asked Lyla to take a picture of us. As Lyla was taking the picture I told Bjork about my previous dream about her and made sure her hair was not in her face. I woke up as Lyla was taking the picture.

We've had some intense weather over the last couple weeks. The bad part is that my after-work lap swimming has not been as consistent as I would like but the good part is that we've seen some beautiful black cloud activity, thick mist ion the trees and some rainbows.