The little girl on the third floor has new art and an environmental message on her door! The art seems to be made of dried flowers, yarn and construction paper. The installation features a note suggesting that I knock rather than ring the door bell to save electricity.

3rd florr art installation 3rd florr art installation closeup

I participated in a photography project (not contest) at my work (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - GSFC). The instructions were to take photos around the center during a particular week and then the photos would be featured on the GSFC website as Pictures of the Day and on their Flickr site. So on my way to a meeting I took along my camera and took some shots. I submitted one of the photos but so far it has not shown up anywhere. The project was open to all employees and was widely advertised so I am sure many people participated. I am not sure why they are not posting the pics

Anyway here are some pictures I took but did NOT submit but I kind of like. GSFC is actually a beautiful "campus" with forests and ponds, wild and not wild flowers, deer, geese, fox, woodchucks and bunnies. The buildings are fairly boring and are named boringly, eg. Building 1, Building 2. The most recently built building is named Building 34. I work in Building 22. But many buildings have interesting satellite/radio dishes on top so my idea was to show the nature and the technology.

moon and tower at gsfc birds around the electical stuff at gsfc
The moon and some sort of tower. An electrical station with birds.
dish framed by tree flower with dish behind it
Dish on top of Bldg 8 framed by cars and a tree. Flower in same shape as dish on top of Bldg 23.
gsfc exhaust pipes
Exhaust pipes on Bldg 22

Below is the photo I submitted. I crouched behind some planted wild flowers that were being blown rather harshly by the wind and took a picture of the dish on top of Building 8.

dish through flowers