My Visit with the Queen

The Queen of England visited Goddard Space Flight Center today. There was a welcoming ceremony for which 200 people were picked by lottery to attend. My friend Saima and my jazzercize teacher Nadine got in. I was not so lucky. I only got to see her from about a block away as she walked from building 3 where she talked to the astronauts on the Space Station to Building 8 where the ceremony took place.

queencrowd_t yellowhat_t

The queen walked from the right side of the picture (above left) to a building off camera on the left. Luckily she was wearing bright yellow/green otherwise I may not have known which one was her. Note the Secret Service guy on the roof in the movie below.

[will add movie later]

Seeing the Queen at work was not nearly as cool as seeing and talking to Shah Rukh Khan at work but it's all good.