Recent Past

Well, Austin updated his blog before I did so I must have been gone a long time. So hopefully I'll make up for my prolonged absence with lots of content.

First, I added pictures from Lynda's party on the main Web page. Austin was responsible for some of those pictures. Lynda's party was a blast. She and my mother planned a perfect 50th birthday party and us worker bees did a great job with the furniture moving, cake, drink, music, entertainment. BoBo, a local Edisto caterer, did the party food (he and his wife are sleeping in the Photo Booth video). Here are some pictures that Dell took of the fun.

dancingfool_t outside_in_t
Note the fingernail polish. I had my first ever professional manicure that morning.

blue_blouse_t graeme_w_sisters_t

And now, going back in time, here are pictures from my Christmas at Washington Hospital Center and Williamsburg. It wasn't clear at first whether Austin would be able to join us after his quadruple bypass surgery but he managed to get out on good behaviour. And it was a treat to have William with us. Lenore's and possibly Austin's pictures are included.


Next I would like to document a weather and time related disaster that occurred on my balcony. Sad.

wind thing in better days wind thing disaster
Before and after.

And here are some recent pictures. I took some during our walk today in the very light snow. We are supposed to get a lot more snow tonight.

vne_fountain_t bluepots_t
A new fountain at the condo building next door and some pretty blue pots with matching shutters a couple of street over.

claybells_t clayhouses_t
Again from the condo building next door.

From Dana's party at a bar near his house. Lots of fun.