Statue Contest

My parents have a lot of beautiful art work. They are artistic people. My father paints and my mom does stained glass, needlework, knitting, sewing, etc. But every now and then they buy or create something that is just not to my taste. There is a particular painting of a scary ass clown that my dad painted and that I refuse to be in the same room with. There is also a vase that I actually was sent to pick up at a gallery in Charleston. I should have exchanged it right then and there.

My parents also have a small collection of outdoor sculptures and statues and, again, for the most part I like them. But there's this one statue of a little girl that is cloying. It obviously means a lot to them so I try to keep my mouth shut. Well, they bought another outdoor statue and, guess what, I felt it was of dubious or non-existent artistic value. But hey now I really like it because I won the contest that my father orchestrated to name the statue. Here is a picture. I'll let you judge for yourself.


Some more movie/DVD reviews
Better Off Dead A much more light-hearted view of a suicidal young man than Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself. John Cusack plays a high-school student who has been dumped by his girlfriend for a expert skier. He tries to become a better skier but eventually decides she's not worth it. Luckily there is a cute French exchange student across the street. This 1980s movie really set a standard when it came out back in 1980 something. It has all these quirky comic-book like characters and quirky situations like the two vietnamese brothers, one of whom speaks like Howard Cosel, who constantly want to drag race.