Beer in Baltimore and Fish in DC

Thursday night I zipped up to Baltimore after work to see Atlanta friends David, Susan, Lane and Carson who were in town for a wedding. It was so nice to see them especially after I had not been able to join them this summer on our annual trip to the beach. After discussing all things technological and social networking with Lane and Carson, I took David and Susan to my favorite brew pub The Brewers Art where we talked up a storm. With all the beers they have to offer I still drank my old standard Uerige Alt. I promise I will get one of their house beers next time. David drank a nice Belgium beer which was also excellent. I think it was Saison DuPont. The evening ended too soon but I was happy that we were able to get together.


In other news I have been enjoying my aquatic themed birthday presents. Tracy gave me a beautiful Japanese print of two fish and joe gave me a waterproof headset for me to use when I swim laps and an iPod shuffle to go with it. I named my new iPod Shark.

shufflegoggles_t sharkandfishes_t

And here are some recent photos from around the house, some flowers from my balcony and a delicious vegetarian gumbo we made last weekend. Go okra!

balconyblossoms_t gumbo_t