The Washington Post announced two Sundays ago that they were looking for panelist for their second Annual Beer Tasting and since my favorite beer Brooklyn Lager won last year's event I thought I might be qualified. Apparently I was not. I sent in the required one sentence application and the optional picture but I did not hear from them. The decision for panalists was to be made by this past Friday. Oh well. I probably would have had to taste some pretty bad beer.

But on the good beer front I tried two beers recently


Nugget Nectar made by Tröegs Brewing Company, Harrisonburg, PA is one of those highly hopped beers that I like. I thought from the name that it might be a fruity beer but the Sikh proprieter of the local liquor store recommended it so I read the label more closely and saw that hops, not fruit, was what the title refers to. I gave it a go and it was worth the trip. I also discussed my recent trip with said proprieter. We were buddies before but we are now BFFs (not really but since I have been to his country of birth he now knows that I know that Indians do not naturally say "Have a good one" when they give you your change.)


Fuel Cafe Coffee Flavored Stout made by Lakefront Brewery of Milwaukee, WI is well made. Stout is not my favorite beer (although I certainly drank plenty of it in Ireland) but I felt this beer had a nice balance of beer and non-beer flavors. The coffee taste was very subtle.

Here is the one sentence I sent to the post:

Back in 1993 the old coot in the beer supply store could not believe a young woman was actually making beer and in 2008 I am still brewing and blogging about the new beers I try.

And the picture I sent: