Work Happenings

  • One of my ballet shoes spent the night in my work parking lot. I could not find it when I got to ballet class but the next morning there it was in the parking space I had parked in the previous day. It was nice that no one had parked there. It had a little goose feather attached to it but other than that it was OK.
  • One of the scientists in my work division is sharing the Nobel Prize for his work studying cosmic microwave background radiation. His results increased support for the Big Bang Theory.
  • I exchanged blog addresses with one of my co-workers. He makes model trains and describes his process in amazing detail.

Some more movie/DVD reviews
Kamikaze Taxi A Japanese movie about a young mob recruit whose girlfriend is killed by the ruthless boss. He exacts revenge but the thugs go after him. He hires a taxi driver to help him escape. The taxi driver was born in Japan but spent most of his life in Peru before immigrating back to Japan. The Yakuza story mixed with a message about acceptance of Japanese who have grown up in different cultures and returned was interesting. And the use of Peruvian music was quite unusual for a japanese movie. However, there were a couple of scenes that went on way too long and had little to do with the story.