It Came in the Mail

Nothing like coming home from work and noticing a 12 inch tall TV action figure known for his focused loyalty to his country as much as for his equal-opportunity torture tactics pointing a gun at you. So we now have Jack Bauer as part of our home security system (which otherwise consists of 2 door locks and a chain and a ton of dust that would disable any perpetrator suffering from allergies - that's you, Austin).

Here are some pictures showing his scale as well as a glamour shot in front of the box he arrived in.

jack bauer in my lap jack bauer with foot

jack bauer glamour shot

24 has been pretty good this season - much better than last season. I like the new characters but there is not enough of Chloe pouting and sneering at her computer sending Jack the immediate information he needs to get the job done.

We are also watching season one of Battlestar Galactica and it is amazing. I was afraid it would be too Star Trek franchisey but it has a great balance of sci-fi, drama and romance - nothing cheesey about it.

We are still enjoying season one of Flight of the Conchords - it can be a bit silly but the songs the two kiwi boys in the band sing every episode are always good and their clueless manager Murray is always entertaining.