I am not in Prague

Three fourths of the family are in Prague right now for the 9th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships and it is so hard not to be with them. Lynda has worked so hard to qualify to race, to get into shape and to travel to practice with the Philadelphia team. Lyla and my mother worked with hotel to arrange a party for Lynda and her dragon boat friends and for my parents' anniversary. It was very hard to miss that. Lynda's friends are party animals. And my family has pretty good party skills as well. So I have been thinking of them a lot. I thought of making last minute plans to join them but I just felt I couldn't ask my bosses for the time off since I have taken so much time off already this summer. And last Sunday as we cycled past the Czech embassy I thought of knocking on the door and requesting immediate asylum.

We have been getting a few reports from Prague and everyone is having a good time. Here is a report from Austin with a picture he took of Lynda with her medals and a picture from Lyla of Lynda and Gordon (AKA Golden).

As some of you know my sister Lynda (50) has been battling cancer for the last 7 years, or so. Well, through a recovery program in Charleston, SC, known as Dragon Boat Racing, she has kept strong and enthuistiastic about her recoveries from her 4 times with the cancer chemo treatments and surgeries. She had tried out for the American Dragon boat team about 4-5 months ago in Penn. and made the team. Drgon Boaters sit in a boat with  a dragon's head in the front and a tail in the back, and have 20 paddlers, person pounding the drum up front to keep the paddling rhythm, and a steers person in the back. She is now racing in the World Cup Games here in Prague. Yesterday she, and her team mates, won a Silver and a Bronze Medal in the Grand Masters Mixed 1,000 meters, and Grand Master's Ladies 1,000 meters team. "Grandmaster" means over 50. So, it was my parents 54th Anniversary, and we had planned a party at the hotel for them with the family who were able to be here, and Lynda's Dragon Boat friends who were able to be her, as well (about 8). It is hard to describe the joy, jubilation, and triumph that was felt when my sister Lynda and here boyfriend Gordon (also a Dragon Boater from up north) came into the room.

She has 3 more days of racing, but I wanted to let you all know this.  And we leave Monday to come back to the states.

Have a good day. We are 6 hours ahead of you all right now. So, Good Morning, and go get yourselves a cup of coffee.