Flag Day

I did a new modified triathalon on Sunday. We did a 14 mile bike ride in the morning. I did a half mile swim with a little bit of sun bathing mid-day. And then the third triathalon event was Flagtography. We have many emabassies within walking distance. Joe informs me that the area is called International Chancery Center. Anyway it was a nice warm breezy day.

flags_ethiopia_t flags_jordan_tt
Ethiopia and Jordan

flags_statedept_t flags_bangladesh_t
State Department and Bangladesh

flags_isreal_t flags_egypt_t
Israel and Egypt

flags_slovakia_t flags_austria_t
Slovakia and Austria

flags_Brunei_t flags_united_arab_emerits_t
Brunei and United Arab Emirates

flags_pakistan_curved_t flags_malaysia_t
Pakistan and Malaysia

flags_niger_egy_t flags_udc_t
Nigeria with Egypt in the distance and some flags at the University of the District of Columbia

We do not have cable but our building just recently upgraded their antenna so we get many HD and analog channels. It will never be as good as cable especially since many of the stations come and go but Sunday I was very surprised to see ShahRukh Khan on a talk show on my TV.