Hospital Life

I was in Charleston this past weekend to help Lynda recover from surgery after her ovarian cancer crept back after 3 years of remission. I spent a lot of time sitting in the hospital room meeting the parade of doctors and nurses and watching them poke and prod Lynda. I kept hoping it would be more like an episode of Grey's Anatomy, you know pretty doctors saving patients while engaging in outrageous activities like flirting, affairs, drunken confessions, getting pregnant and spreading syphilis. Well all the caretakers were professional and there was one pretty doctor and a couple of pretty nurses but we did not get to see any behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

When I was not at the hospital I was putting in some work hours at Lynda's house. It was actually pleasant sitting looking out her back door at the birds and turtles. Willow the cat kept me entertained by trying to be the lion of her backyard although she mostly chased bugs. Graeme and I watched TV together but he was working on a school project so we did not have time to do much else. Here are some pictures from my trip.

moonflowers crystal lake
I got my haircut a couple of blocks from the hospital and a nice house with moon flowers in its garden was along the way. Lynda's back yard
heron in Lynda's backyard willow behind the screen
A heron and turtles on the lake. Willow through the screen door