Capital Criterium

Joe and I walked downtown last Sunday to watch the Capital Criterium Bike Pro Race where about 100 riders did 85 laps around a 1km circuit on the streets near the Capitol. It was a beautiful day. There was a good turnout but it was easy to move around and see the race from several vantage points. Christian VandeVelde who placed 5th in the 2008 Tour de France raced and although he was in the final sprint he did not win. And conveniently the race was held near the Old Post Office home of the Masala Dosa and Mango Lassi.

ccrit_capital_t ccrit_close_t
The race in the shadow of the capitol.

ccrit_corner_t ccrit_harriers_t
The cyclists came around a corner to climb up a hill. In this lap Vandevelde was way ahead of the pack

ccrit_hare_t ccrit_fastfreddie_t
Vandevelde by himself early on and the group that scrambled for the win. The guy in red and blue won.

ccrit_autographound_t ccrit_lilracer_t
Vandevelde signing autographs and a participant in the children's race.

ccrit_building_t dosas_092008_t
A white building against a beautiful blue sky and our lunch.

Photo Credit: The photos that look like they might have been taken by someone who knows how to work the camera settings were taken by Joe.