Craftiness and Cuteness

A couple of days ago I had my camera out at work so I took some pictures of some cute things around my desk including my dinosaur-with-his-lunch-box iPod cover.
cute office things

I went over to Austin and William's place today to visit with them and my aunt Zita as they prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. I did not stay because I decided to work on my Christmas Contest entry and have a nice quiet veggie Thanksgiving dinner with Joe. We had a corn pudding, the traditional and apparently 50 year old green bean/cream of mushroom soup/french fried onions casserole, pull-apart rolls and cookies that Austin made this morning for dessert. I did make some progress on my Christmas Contest entry but I still have a long way to go before it is a true work of velvet art.

Austin and William's table looked quite elegant with a touch of cuteness. Austin made the napkins and I loved all the textures on and around the table.

thankdgiving table austin's naplins
austin and turkey

Some more movie/DVD reviews
Koi... Mil Gaya
A Hindi movie that steals liberally from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Charly. A mentally retarded young man, his younger friends and a pretty girl find an alien and try to hide him from the authorities. It was fairly dumb.

The Secret Lives of Dentists
A family man and dentist thinks his wife, also a dentist, might be having an affair. He decides not to do anything about it but soon the jealousy and worry manifests itself in an imaginary alter-ego type character played by Dennis Leary (whom I really liked in his short-lived TV show The Job) who says what the dentist is thinking but dare not say. It is an interesting film, funny in parts but mostly kind of depressing because the family is falling apart.